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Dr. Chandok and Dr. Rehman

Do you offer silver fillings?

At Bright Dental, our experienced dentists believe that all dentistry can be beautiful and comfortable – even common restorations like fillings.

Until a few decades ago, amalgam fillings were standard solutions for cavities, especially on your back teeth. Amalgams pose a few challenges, however. Over time, they can turn your entire tooth gray or give it a darker appearance compared to your other teeth. Many people do not like the look of dark fillings and have concerns about the mercury used to make them. 

Amalgams can also cause sensitivity because metal is a conductor. It also expands and contracts with changing temperatures in your mouth, which can actually damage your tooth by causing splitting or allowing bacteria to enter your tooth.

Dr. Rehman and Dr. Chandok use tooth-colored composite fillings in our office in order to avoid damaging the appearance of your tooth. Composites are a more conservative way to treat cavities because they actually adhere to your teeth. We only need to remove the decay. Amalgam fillings require the removal of a greater amount of healthy tooth structure.

Our dentists will match your composite filling to your natural tooth so that it blends in perfectly. No one will ever notice that you have a filling.

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