Crowns and Bridges

If you have ever bitten into something and heard a dreaded crunch, you know that breaking a tooth can make you feel helpless.

Because we use our teeth for eating every day, fractures to teeth are fairly common. In most cases, we can repair your tooth using a dental crown. 

Affordable Dental Crowns

At Bright Dental, we strive to provide affordable dentistry to regular people, just like you. We know that not everyone has a big budget for their health and dental care, so we keep our fees affordable, often a fraction of the price you might find at other dental practices.

That is not to say that we compromise on quality because we would never do that to our patients. Providing quality dentistry at an affordable price is the cornerstone of our practice philosophy.

When You Need a Dental Crown

For small instances of decay, a simple tooth-colored filling may do the trick, but when a crack, broken cusp, or deep decay occurs, a dental crown provides better stability and will actually prolong the life of your tooth.

Dental crowns come in natural-looking tooth-colored options that match the surrounding teeth. They completely cover your tooth like a sports helmet and provide similar protection. When you chew, your crown absorbs the force instead of your damaged tooth.

Both Dr. Chandok and Dr. Rehman have extensive experience in creating the perfect crown for our patients.

Bridging the Gap in Your Smile

If a tooth sustains extensive damage or a serious infection, an extraction might become necessary. Having a gap in your smile can make it hard to eat and speak properly – not to mention how embarrassing it can feel to have a missing tooth.

A dental bridge fills in the gap in your smile by using two healthy teeth on either side of your missing tooth to suspend an artificial tooth in place.

Like our dental crowns, the bridges we create in our Milwaukee, WI dental office look just like your natural teeth. They are durable and will not move around when you speak, laugh, or eat. 

Because a dental bridge is not as strong as your natural tooth, it is a good idea to avoid biting into anything excessively hard or sticky, like peanut brittle, taffy, or caramels.

Dental bridges do require extra care to stay clean. Our team will discuss the best way to care for your dental bridge so that you get the most out of your dentistry.

Do You Have a Broken or Missing Tooth?

Our friendly team at Bright Dental will provide you with solutions to restore your oral health and your smile. We welcome new patients, even walk-ins, and will give you great dentistry at a great price.