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Staying on top of the latest technology is important to Dr. Rehman and Dr. Chandok because it allows them to provide you with more comfortable and accurate dentistry. Here are some of the ways we use technology in our dental office to improve your care.

3-D Cone Beam Imaging

When performing a surgery such as a dental implant or extraction, a 3-D image allows us to plan your treatment from start to finish before we even begin. We can locate the precise location to place your dental implant for the best results and determine how to remove your tooth more easily for the best long-term results.

Digital Records

Digital records are convenient and secure. Our dentists can pull up your medical history, previous x-rays, and treatment plan with the click of a mouse to compare changes in your health over time.

By maintaining digital records, we can also transfer records to a specialist or your insurance company quickly while maintaining your privacy.

Panoramic X-Rays

A panoramic x-ray allows us to get the full picture of your smile. Using panoramic x-rays, we can:

  • Measure bone levels
  • Diagnose tumors, cysts, or jaw problems
  • Evaluate your wisdom teeth to determine if they require an extraction  

A panoramic x-ray goes all the way around your head and produces an image that provides our dentists with detailed information about your oral health.

Televisions in Rooms

We want to make your dental appointment as enjoyable as possible. We have televisions in our treatment rooms so you can watch a movie or your favorite show while we provide you with great dentistry. These large monitors also give us the opportunity to show you information about your oral health, which may help you make decisions regarding your treatment.

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